Letters to a World

That Never Wrote to Me

Letter #212
There's a certain tension in our house these days,

especially whenever Mom picks up the urn

to dust it off for the fifth time in an hour.

(I'm not afraid of death.

I'm afraid of the smile on her face.)

Letter #211
Late in the hush of night,

I wandered through the forest

after losing everything.

Finally, the sun rose,

blanketing the world in beautiful light.

But it wasn't enough.

Letter #210
I am pushing back the light by opening my eyes.

My world is filled with cold.

I have found my answer and am now alone with myself.

Letter #209
Some people say that if you want to double your success rate,

double your failure rate.

It's more like quadruple, actually.

Letter #208
You know your math homework is insane

when you type it into Scientific Notebook

and Scientific Notebook says,

'you're on your own, man.'

(Please, this is due in an hour!)

Letter #207
I carry fire, I murdered Icarus!

I am the Eye of Ra, come to show you ember danger!

Letter #206
I did NOT violate public decency laws.

I was sitting nude on MY property, facing MY street,


Letter #205
Mom is hormonal.

She has a blunt object.

I have forgotten her birthday.

Letter #204
I have gone down the wrong road for so long,

but I will still turn back.

Letter #203
Some people are like St. Jude:

champions of lost causes.

You are my St. Jude.



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